Environmental Site Assessment


An Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) identifies potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities on a property, and typically addresses both the underlying land as well as physical structures and improvements to the property. It is conducted in a phased approach:

  • Phase I ESA - a review of historical reports and records, interviews, a site reconnaissance, and other research to identify potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities. The assessment includes the existing condition of the land as well as its historical use.
  • Phase II ESA - undertaken when an environmentally contaminating activities are discovered through the Phase I environmental site assessment and will describe the presence/absence and extent of contamination. In addition to reviewing the information from the Phase I ESA, it includes an intrusive sub-surface investigation of the soils and groundwater.
  • Phase III ESA - a delineation study which describes the depth or spread of a contamination plume. During this phase, further delineation of the horizontal and vertical depth of contamination will be undertaken, through further testing, sampling, and monitoring of the soil and groundwater. This phase will evaluate remediation methods as well as their feasibility and costs.  

All phases conform to Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards, provincial regulations (e.g. O. Reg. 153 as amended), as well as federal Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) methodologies.

Moggy Environmental’s team includes experienced project managers, engineers, geoscientists, and technologists, which have successfully completed numerous Phase I/II/III Environmental Site Assessments.


Our services include:

  • Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I II and III)
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Monitoring Well Installation and Decommissioning
  • Environmental Sampling Programs for Groundwater, Soil, Sediment, and Surface Water
  • Landfill Monitoring and Approvals
  • Environmental Compliance Approvals (air, water, noise)


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