Aboriginal and Public Consultation

The development and maintenance of effective relationships with local communities and First Nations is critical for the success of any resource projects. Although there is a legal duty to consult with Aboriginal communities, which has greatly influenced that way resource development decisions are made with respect to industry, governments and affected communities, there continues to be many other important reasons to have an effective working relationships among all parties. This includes good governance, the development of mutually beneficial relationships, and gaining knowledge of the area and its resources.

Many regulatory permits require that public and Aboriginal consultation be completed prior to issuance. Consultation requires effective engagement with the public and First Nations so that effective solutions can be developed.

With 13 years’ experience in regulatory permitting, including extensive experience with public and Aboriginal consultation in Northern Ontario and the Arctic, Moggy Environmental has the experience necessary to effectively undertake consultation and accommodation activities.

Our services include:

  • Work with First Nation Communities to effectively liaise with government and resource developers;
  • Work with Resource Developers to guide and assist them towards engaging and communicating with various Aboriginal communities;
  • Develop effective public and/or aboriginal consultation plans;
  • Assist in undertaking consultation plans; and,
  • Developing effective follow up plans for consultation activities.
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