Environmental Assessment and Regulatory Permitting

Environmental regulatory permits are documents that are issued by a government agency under environmental legislation, which allows you to carry out an activity for a specified period of time. It is required for effective stewardship of natural resources and ensures that specific activities undertaken have regard for the environment, and other stakeholders. These can include:

  • Fisheries Act Authorizations
  • Species at Risk Act Permits
  • Lakes and Rivers Improvement Act – Location and Plans and Specification Approvals
  • Public Lands Act Work Permits
  • Environmental Protection Act – Environmental Compliance Approval
  • Ontario Water Resources Act – Permit to take Water
  • Conservation Authority Permits

In many cases, these permits require that the impacts of the project on the surrounding environment be identified and assessed prior to a decision being made. This is called an Environmental Assessment, and is valuable in planning the project prior to undertaking any actions to ensure that long-term negative impacts are avoided. It will consider mitigation measures to offset negative impacts and will assess the impact of implementing these measures on the environment.

With 13 years of experience working in the resource management field, Moggy Environmental can help you navigate your way through these various requirements to arrive at a cost-effective solution. We have experience in regulatory permitting for a range of projects, including mines, roads, hydropower and various undertakings by small private landowners, such as shoreline works, water crossings and channel realignments. Moggy Environmental has been involved in numerous federal, provincial, territorial and municipal environmental assessments. Our experience with large, multi-jurisdictional environmental assessments includes mining and linear development projects in Ontario, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.

Our services include:

  • Developing Regulatory permit strategies;
  • Preparing Regulatory permit applications;
  • Project Management, Coordination and Liaison with Government, Stakeholders and Sub-consultants; and,
  • Advisory services for the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, Ontario Environmental Assessment Act (Class and Individual), Municipal Environmental Assessments, Nunavut Impact Review Board, Mackenzie Valley Resource Management Act and Northern Board processes.
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