Environmental Impact Studies

An Environmental Impact Study typically involves an assessment of existing conditions of a particular component of the environment and to determine what the impact from a development project. It can involve liaising between clients and various agencies, and developing recommendations for mitigation, management and monitoring.

An environmental impact study may be required for projects to determine what impacts may result and how best the risks could be managed. They are generally required by decision makers, including regulatory agencies and developers, to determine whether the project should proceed.

For larger projects, an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) may be required. An EIS is a summary of the environmental baseline conditions, an assessment of all the environmental impacts, and includes mitigation, monitoring and long-term management of the potential environmental impacts.

Moggy Environmental can prepare environmental impact studies for projects at various scales in response to municipal, provincial, territorial and/or federal regulations and policies. Projects have included studies related to proposed mineral development, oil and gas, aggregate extraction operations, municipal infrastructure, and various land developments. We work closely with our team to integrate expertise from other disciplines, such as hydrogeology, hydrology, etc.

Our services include:

  • Environmental impact studies in response to municipal, provincial, territorial and federal planning requirements;
  • Integrated studies to address multi-disciplinary issues;
  • Impact studies to address Fisheries Act requirements, including fish habitat assessments, offsetting/compensation plans; and,
  • Aquatic Habitat Assessments, including Water Quality and Lake Capacity Modeling and other limnological studies.
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